Our aim is to build strong, local, grassroots partnerships between professional and amateur rugby clubs and their local homelessness charities and services. All over the country, homeless charities and organisations work to bring people off the street and into temporary hostel accommodation. Once someone has made that first step, however, they face a whole new set of challenges as they move towards full independence.

Our goal is to bring opportunities on and off the pitch to homeless people across the rugby playing word. Our strategic plan focuses on four areas:

  1. Growing the Partnerships

Aim: Look to continue recruiting new clubs and charities that can partner locally to provide help and support on and off the pitch to local homeless people.

2. Growing the Programmes

Aim: To begin, improve participants fitness and skill before looking at supplementary activities including education, training and support into employment.

3. Growing the Community

Aim: At the launch of our national competition, invite other national rugby federations from around the UK and beyond as aspire to develop international partnerships, programmes and competition.

4. Growing the Organisation
Aim: Continuously look to develop the organisation and brand while exploring commerce opportunities that:

  • Support the organisations ethical and sustainable agenda
  • Strengthen the Homeless Rugby CIC brand
  • Create new employment opportunities for participants