There are many ways that you can help us in our journey towards a world without homelessness, where their contribution to society can be fully felt and valued once more:

1. Campaign for a team in your area – Our volunteers tell us how rewarding it is to give time and support to their new team, and the great thing we can support you creating a new team too

2. Make a donation or grant towards our work – Any gift will help us deliver our vital projects across the rugby world.

3. Sponsor a Homeless Rugby team – Supporting one of our teams will mean they have the kit, ability to book facilities to train on and funding to travel and attend matches, competing in their local leagues.

4. Become a Volunteer – Join us to engage in fulfilling work related to homelessness, mentoring and supporting our players in your area off the pitch

5. Support our Sustainability – Work with our directors and a select group of partners to develop commercial activities under the Homeless Rugby CIC brand that will go towards sustaining the organisation and local partnerships we support

6. Share your facilities – For clubs interested in getting involved, we will work with you to identify opportunities to utilise your club and coach resources to help homeless people in your local community.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact us at